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Thema: Facharztvertretung in Doha,Katar, 24.06-05.07.2007 gesucht

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15.05.2007 13:32 Forum: Praxisvertretung

Hallo Christian!
Gundsaetzlich ja. Allerdings wuerden wir jemanden bevorzugen der die ganze Zeit kommen koennte. Koenntest Du in der ersten Woche kommen?
Hans-Henning Zunge raus
Thema: syngo RT Oncologist Erfahrungen?

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syngo RT Oncologist Erfahrungen? 12.05.2007 16:12 Forum: Equipment (Hardware & Software)

Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit syngo RT Oncologist ? Lohnt sich ein Umstieg von der View statation?
Thema: Facharzt Doha (Katar) gesucht

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Facharzt Doha (Katar) gesucht 12.05.2007 14:16 Forum: Stellenangebote und Stellengesuche

The Radiation Oncology Department at Hamad Medical Corporation has an excellent opportunity for experienced full-time Radiation Oncologists. We are inviting qualified staff to join our multi-national team in a brand new Radiotherapy Department, which opened in 2004 within the new Al Amal Hospital that provides comprehensive cancer services to the State of Qatar.
The Hamad Medical Corporation enjoys close collaborative links with the University Clinics Heidelberg, Germany who jointly manage the Oncology Hospital under a renewable contract.

The Radiation Oncology Department is equipped with two matched Siemens Primus Linear accelerators with MLC’s and EPIDS, Siemens Sensation 4 CT Scanner, Siemens Simview simulator, CMS Xio 3-D treatment planning system and virtual simulation software. A Brachytherapy service is offered centered on a Nucletron HDR after loading unit, theatre suite and Plato planning system. We also have a fully equipped mould room suite together with extensive physics and engineering support. A Siemens LANTIS network provides a comprehensive Information Technology system within the department allowing for development of “paperless” working. Al Amal Hospital provides comprehensive facilities for cancer patients on a single site including a B.M.T. Unit, in-patient and chemotherapy suites, out patient services, dedicated pharmacy and radiology departments.

The Consultant Radiation Oncologist is responsible for managing a highly complex caseload of patients, involving the provision of radiation therapy services in the multidisciplinary team. The successful candidate(s) will be expected to participate in all patient care activities both on an outpatient and inpatient basis, including consultation, treatment planning and management radiation therapy treatment delivery. Applicants should be board certified in Radiation Oncology and have significant post qualification experience. Experience in three-dimensional radiotherapy planning is essential. IMRT and brachytherapy experience is also highly desirable. The Senior Consultant post requires at a minimum at least five years experience as a Consultant in a modern Oncology Department.
Qatar is a rapidly developing, enlightened nation with an attractive capital, Doha. It is a relaxed, traditional Islamic country with a western outlook, modern facilities but retaining Arabic tradition and Heritage. There are excellent sports facilities including sailing, scuba diving, golf, tennis, and major sporting and cultural events held throughout the year. Qatar is host to the 2006 Asian Games. Qatar has a truly multi-cultural, vibrant society with a multitude of restaurants and tax-free shopping opportunities to choose from.

The benefits package for the right candidate include:
An attractive tax-free salary, generous leave entitlement, free villa style accommodation, joining, repatriation and annual flight home entitlement. In addition, you receive a local travel allowance and assistance towards utilities.

Please send or email a CV and covering letter to as email to hhbluhm@gmail.com.
Thema: Facharztvertretung in Doha,Katar, 24.06-05.07.2007 gesucht

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Facharztvertretung in Doha,Katar, 24.06-05.07.2007 gesucht 12.05.2007 13:57 Forum: Praxisvertretung

Ich suchte einen Facharzt (Strahlentherapie) als Vertreter für mich in der Zeit vom 24.06.-05.07.2007 in Doha, Katar (arabischer Golf).
Ein Kollege ist gefunden. Dank an dieses Forum. Ich hatte 10 Interessenten!
Wer weiterhin Interesse an Katar hat, sollte sich die Anzeige für eine Dauerstelle auf diesem Forum ansehen.
Gruss aus Doha
Hans- Henning Bluhm
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